Portugal Update

Saturday, 30 July 2016

First is like to apologies for the lack of post over the past few days. I have been very busy with preparing for my holiday. I have been testing some of the new equipment I have for my Go Pro and I am making sure I know how it works and how to use it so I am able to get the best pictures and videos from my holiday to post on my blog

Things to do in Birmingham

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

I have lived in Birmingham in the UK my whole life and have been able to experience many amazing things whilst i have lived here. Growing up most of the things i experienced where local things around my home, luckily i lived opposite a massive field were i would go and build dens and tree houses and play football with my neighbors and friends. As i got older Started to experience more things which i will remember forever.

My Bucket List

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Many people have different concepts and ideas about their bucket list.
 Some people have a long list some have a short. Some have crazy and almost impossible ideas whereas others a simple ones. Every persons bucket list is different, However we should all have the one thing in common. And that is completing the list.

Duke of Edinburgh

Friday, 22 July 2016


Duke of Edinburgh is an amazing  way for people in the UK to get out, experience something new and help out the community. If you enroll to do the Duke of Edinburgh award then you will need to have some free time. It can be very tiring and time consuming but also very rewarding.

Saving money for traveling

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Considering i am only 16 years old, I think its fair to say I do not know a lot about where money goes once you get it. Whether its into a mortgage, rent, shopping or food. Since I was 12 I have been working. From the ages of 12-13 i was a paper boy. I would get £10 a week and would work weekday morning's for around 30 minutes. Although i was not paying anything out, with this little wage I had manage to save £300 in a year.

My Tattoo

Monday, 18 July 2016

My Tattoo
Throughout my teen hood i have always been fascinated with tattoos. I have always wanted one but never knew what to get. Whilst i was thinking i would always ask myself, "do you really want this?" "are you okay with this being on your body forever?" "will you like it in 5 years?" I was almost trying to force myself to not like it so i could see if i would ever regret it if someone was to ever say something bad about it... would it knock my confidence?

New York

DAY 1:
March of 2015 my family and I took a trip to "the city that never sleeps" New York. we spent one week in this amazing state and did so many different thing. The first day that we landed we settled into our hotel and then went on a walk around Times, taking in the amazing sites and also visiting some of the biggest shops i have ever seen. The shops where so big that one of them had a Ferris wheel in the center of the shop which was actually usable. Since we did not land till the afternoon by the time we had checked n to the hotel it was almost night so only spending around 1 hour 30 minutes in Times square we went back to our hotel to sleep.

My Mini American Road Trip

For a while now me and my Dad gave been speaking about going skiing when i become finish school. I have always wanted to go skiing since I have never done anything like it before and love going to holiday where i am up and active and am learning new things. I was so obsessed with the idea of me and my Dad going skiing i would of killed him if he bailed... which he kind of did.
at the beginning of July 2016 my Dad came into my room, immediately i knew he either wanted something or had something to tell me. My Dad then said "Jamie, do we have to go skiing?" i looked at him dead in the eye and said "unless we are doing a road trip of America then YES!" i truly just thought he was bailing on me for no reason, then he looked at me and grinned and nodded his head. and said "Yes we are doing a road trip which you can plan." I seriously have never been so happy. i got my A3 book and started planning the route, airlines, car hires and the states we would visit. i truly have never been as happy as this.

Portugal 2016

On Saturday 31st July my family and I are flying to Nazaré in Portugal for 7 days.
On this trip we are going to be doing a lot of fun activities such as visiting the beach, have BBQ's visiting a lagoon and many more amazing and exciting places.


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