Duke of Edinburgh

Friday, 22 July 2016


Duke of Edinburgh is an amazing  way for people in the UK to get out, experience something new and help out the community. If you enroll to do the Duke of Edinburgh award then you will need to have some free time. It can be very tiring and time consuming but also very rewarding.
You are able to achieve the Bronze, Silver and Gold award, however you must complete it in that order. To complete the award you must do a certain amount of hours volunteering, learning a new skill, physical (this is just participating in a sport.) and finally the expedition. The time of these all vary depending on what award you are going for.

For my new skill i volunteered in a show at my old job where i played Kristoff form Disney's Frozen and a Viking and a Villager from Disney's tangled. Whilst doing this i learnt how to act and dance, which i have never knew how to do. Whilst i was doing these shows i made many amazing friends, one of them who helped my start my blog (Shout out to Darriyan). Making new friends is another opportunity of doing the Duke of Edinburgh award.

For my sport i did jogging which really helped me become more fit for the expedition. I did this with my dad who really helped motivate and push me to make sure i was doing my best tin order for me to achieve my goal.



The expedition was by far the greatest part of Duke of Edinburgh. I became so close to my two friends and made two new ones. the expedition was mentally and physically tiring and it didn't help that i was suffering from allergies really bad (i was crying in almost every pictures). We had to do both the practice and the real thing all in four days where usually you get around a month a part. The Practice was the worst. it was the hardest thing i have ever done and all that was going through my mind was ways to kill myself (yes it was that deep) However we got over it and finally competed it. For the last two days we needed to make an aim,where we would later present it to an audience, Are aim was to find out the impacts of tourism. To do this we made a servery and asked both residents and tourists some questions about the impacts on tourism and if they thought it was positive or negative.

During the nights we would have ti sleep in tent and cook for ourselves using a trangia. On the first night one of the girls brought marshmallows so we thought it would be a good idea to roast them... However i may have been a bit clumsy with the gasoline since when we lit it the ground below us went up in flames! Luckily we stopped it and the teachers never found out but we could of died or been burnt! 

During the expedition i learnt so many new things such as how to put up a tent, read a map and a compass, cook using a trangia, be careful when pouring gas and how cow poo can be used as a comfy seat... well maybe not that one but at the end of the expedition we kind of stopped caring.

There are many ways you can do the award. One of them is speaking to you school and seeing if they are able to do it with you. Another is going to the website and signing up there.

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Stay Motivated and Safe Travels

-Jamie Maycock

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