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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Many people have different concepts and ideas about their bucket list.
 Some people have a long list some have a short. Some have crazy and almost impossible ideas whereas others a simple ones. Every persons bucket list is different, However we should all have the one thing in common. And that is completing the list.
Checking of each individual dream and goal, making sure you have met each individual criteria to ensure you have lived you life the way that YOU want to. Pushing and striving for your best. The best may not be what other people tell you it is, its what you think your best is. Do not aim your goals around what other people say you can complete,

I have always had a bucket list in my head of things that i have always wanted to do. However, throughout my life it has changed depending on where my life was going. There are some things that i have always dreamed about and they have been on my bucket list since i was young and they will be on it until it is completed, where i will replace it with another crazy and impossible task.
I will be honest and say that my list may change whilst i am pursuing my dream of traveling. However, I will never give up on one simply because i feel that i cant complete it.

The first one on my list is swimming with sharks. Since i can remember i have always loved the feeling of danger and fear, I see sharks as a truly beautiful creature. I have always anted to be close to one to see how it really acts compared to how i have seen it behave in movies and on the news where the are dangerous and deadly animals and that is it. I want to see them when they are not being provoked simply enjoying their life.

The second one on my list is a bungee jump. I have always wanted to do a bungee jump. I don't really know why but  i love the idea of jumping to my death praying that some rope will save me. I know i would love the adrenaline rush i would get not just jumping but looking down from where i jump from

Once again i love the idea of jumping to m death but this time EVEN FURTHER. With a sky dive i feel that not only will i be able to do something i have always dreamed of doing but also i will be able to donate and raise money for a charity. Now i am not a huge philanthropist, however i do feel that event such as skydiving, marathons and other events are a good way to raise money and if you are only thinking of doing it for fun then why not raise a little bit of money to put towards a good cause.

As you may of guessed if you read my posts, or even just the banner then you should be aware that i want to travel. Traveling is a huge part of my life now, and i ahve not even started my main adventure. Although it do wish to travel the world I am aware that due to my own safety and how the big the world really is i am not able to travel the whole world. However, I will travel around a lot of it and will not stop until i feel i have done what i want to do.

My fifth goal is to visit all the sates in America, Even if i just pass through one on my way to another state i really want to say i have visited every single state. I have visited America three times and have been to three different states, Nevada, New York and Arizona. i am visiting two more states very soon but really wish to see each and every one.

I have always wanted to learn a new language. Although i was given the opportunity in school i never took it since i found it difficult to lean from a textbook and whilst i was in a class of thirty other children in the room and only one teacher. I personally feel that whilst i am travling i will be able to pick up and gain a basic understanding of languages whilst i am in different countries. However i really want to expand on my basic knowledge and become fluent in one or more languages.

Moving to Australia has been a dream of mine forever. i have always wanted to move to a country who has a different and a diverse culture and life style compared to mine back at home in the UK. Australia looks amazing and i am so sad that i have not yet been privileged enough to visit this country. However, i am giving it time and will soon be there... well after my many years of traveling that is.

I will be posting about the things i have ticked off my bucket list in another post soon so keep a look out!

Also i would like to say thank you again to Darriyan for this idea.

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Stay Motivated and Safe Travels
-Jamie Maycock

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