My Mini American Road Trip

Monday, 18 July 2016

For a while now me and my Dad gave been speaking about going skiing when i become finish school. I have always wanted to go skiing since I have never done anything like it before and love going to holiday where i am up and active and am learning new things. I was so obsessed with the idea of me and my Dad going skiing i would of killed him if he bailed... which he kind of did.
at the beginning of July 2016 my Dad came into my room, immediately i knew he either wanted something or had something to tell me. My Dad then said "Jamie, do we have to go skiing?" i looked at him dead in the eye and said "unless we are doing a road trip of America then YES!" i truly just thought he was bailing on me for no reason, then he looked at me and grinned and nodded his head. and said "Yes we are doing a road trip which you can plan." I seriously have never been so happy. i got my A3 book and started planning the route, airlines, car hires and the states we would visit. i truly have never been as happy as this.

I want to say planning this was hard however i have had the route in my head since i was 7 and i knew exactly where i wanted to go and do. After planning the route i went up to my dad with the best hotel, car and airplane prices. me and my dad watched videos, google best routes and finally planned the perfect route for us. Just before we booked it we asked my Dads friend Neil to come and although he is terrified of flying he couldn't refuse the offer. we where all sorted and all that was left was to pay the deposit which my dad had no problem with considering it was my bank card he was using (he has payed me back now).

So the reason i called it a "mini road trip" is because we are only visiting three states although we are there for 12 days .

Los Angeles
we start off flying from London Airport to LAX where we will be staying in LA for three days. whilst we are there we are visiting Universal studios, Venice beach, Hollywood BLVD and the sign. we are still looking for more attractions in LA but we are happy with what we are doing at the moment since we will be wanting to relax at the amazing beaches and view some of the amazing places and see some familiar buildings from movies.
We are then driving up the Pacific coast across to Yosemite where we will be staying for 3 days in a beautiful lodge right by the national park. In Yosemite we are hoping to do some hikes where we can view some amazing scenery and nature. We did want to do the Half Dome hike but are not sure how to get a permit for the hike and there are many more which are just as nice. we have already started training for the hikes by doing regular morning runs, eating healthy and going to the gym, mainly working on cardio.
We are then driving to San Francisco where once again we will be staying for 3 days. during our time here we will be chilling and also doing some tours like Alcatraz prison. we are also going to visit and walk the Golden Gate Bridge. we are going to be visiting some Malls aswell and do a lot of sigh seeing.
Finally we will be leaving the car in San Francisco and flying from there to Las Vegas, where we will be watching a show, visit all of the hotels, go to Fremont street and also go and visit The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. Vegas will sadly be our last stop on the mini road trip just before heading back home to the U.K. 

Whilst i am on my road trip i will be taking  a lot of pictures and also i will be recording a vlog each day which i will be publishing onto my YouTube Channel. Leading up to the road trip i will also be doing some vlogs to go over the trip and tell you what i am doing and also speak to you about the different things i will be taking.

If anyone lives in America or has done a road trip before can you please email me some places where i need to visit in the states that i am going thank you!

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Stay Motivated and Safe Travels

-Jamie Maycock

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