My Tattoo

Monday, 18 July 2016

My Tattoo
Throughout my teen hood i have always been fascinated with tattoos. I have always wanted one but never knew what to get. Whilst i was thinking i would always ask myself, "do you really want this?" "are you okay with this being on your body forever?" "will you like it in 5 years?" I was almost trying to force myself to not like it so i could see if i would ever regret it if someone was to ever say something bad about it... would it knock my confidence?

For the past five years now i have been in love with the idea of traveling and seeing new places. However it has only been the last two years where i stay up all night making plans, saving little bits of money and  planning where i will go to first and this is what made me decide i wanted a tattoo dedicated to traveling. i searched for months on end trying to find one that i wanted but i never had any look. i was finding cool ideas however i couldn't see them going anywhere. Being in a family who is very open to tattoos i have often been told to know what my next tattoo is before i get the first done. i never really understood this however after getting my first i do. If you have a tattoo in a common place then it is very likely you will want more tattoos there, so always make sure you can have tattoos that will go with the theme of your original one so your not looking like a graphite wall with different tattoos with different meaning all over you arm or leg.

I am truly in love with my tattoo and could not of asked for a better one. I have already booked another 3 hours session where i will be adding to the one i already have. 
At the moment i have not got any ideas of what i could add to my tattoo and i would love to hear the amazing ideas you have so please leave suggestions in the comments and also leave some links to tattoos that other people have had relating to traveling

ALSO. i would like to thank my good friend Darriyan who spent hours with me trying to create my blog an make sure it was at a high quality. So please go and check her out

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Stay Motivated and Safe Travels

-Jamie Maycock

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