New York

Monday, 18 July 2016

DAY 1:
March of 2015 my family and I took a trip to "the city that never sleeps" New York. we spent one week in this amazing state and did so many different thing. The first day that we landed we settled into our hotel and then went on a walk around Times, taking in the amazing sites and also visiting some of the biggest shops i have ever seen. The shops where so big that one of them had a Ferris wheel in the center of the shop which was actually usable. Since we did not land till the afternoon by the time we had checked n to the hotel it was almost night so only spending around 1 hour 30 minutes in Times square we went back to our hotel to sleep.

DAY 2:
The next morning we woke up early since we where all jet lagged. We got ready for the day and went to a local dinner for breakfast. Shortly after we walked to central park where we watched a little league baseball game and had a picnic in the park. We spent this day relaxing around the park and viewing some memorable places from iconic movies such as the rock that Adam Sandler sleeps on in "Little Nicky". After the park we walked ll the way back to our hotel stopping in shops that we see and grabbing food and drinks. By the time that we got back to the hotel it was only 7:30  pm, however, we where all exhausted and went straight to sleep.

DAY 3:
The next day we woke up and grabbed some breakfast. On this day we wanted to go and see "the Statue of Liberty" so we walked for many miles until a man told us we where going the wrong way, so we decided to take the subway there. We got off at the closest subway stop and had a 10 minute walk down to the boats which would transport us to Liberty island. On my way i found  man who was selling picture of Marvel superheros. they cost $15 each and looked very cool, so i thought that i would buy three of them. We had made our way to the dock we brought our tickets and hopped on to the boat and headed to "the Statue of Liberty" where we walked around taking pictures. Also grabbed some food whilst we where there and also got some Lemonade which was THE BEST LEMONADE I HAVE EVER TASTED! In the U.K if we ask for a lemonade we get a sprite or 7up, however, in the US you get what we would call lemon juice(american add a lot of sugar in this though). After that we went back to Times Square and did some shopping and then went back to the house to sleep.

DAY 4:
The next day we had booked tickets to go and see the Mets play against Boston Red Sox. Sadly we lost, however it was a really good match and it was really fun to watch. Since i have never watched a baseball game i had no idea what i was cheering for and what the rules where. And what made it even more confusing was fans from both teams sit in the same area so when they where cheering i did not know if it was for the Mets or Boston Red Sox... so i just cheered for both. The game did not end til very late on the night and we where all very tired by the end of it.
DAY 5:
we spent the whole of the fifth day shopping. I had been saving up a lot of Money because i wanted to buy the new Apple watch, however i did not end up getting it since i did not  think that i needed it. However, that only gave me more money to spend on clothes and food. That day we went to all of the shops in Times Square and also walked down to Soho, Manhattan where my sisters went to visit the dash store and i wanted to go to the apple store. On the night we went up to the Empire State building where we went up to the observation deck and saw a man propose to his girlfriend. 

DAY 6:
On the sixth day we sat out late since we where all very tired from the day before. we went to the 9/11 memorialwhere we went around the new museum and looked at the fountains where the fallen building once where. On the night we went out for some food and then went back to the hotel to pack up for our early departure the next morning. 

DAY 7:
The last day wasn't really an exciting one since all we did was pack and fly home. on the flight home i made a small video of some of the things that i did on the trip. However it was very short since my memory very quickly fill up and i did not bring a spare memory chips and had no place to transfer them.

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