Portugal 2016

Monday, 18 July 2016

On Saturday 31st July my family and I are flying to Nazaré in Portugal for 7 days.
On this trip we are going to be doing a lot of fun activities such as visiting the beach, have BBQ's visiting a lagoon and many more amazing and exciting places.
On the trip we will be staying in a self catering accommodation where we will be in our on house with a pool, 5 bedrooms and a 3 minute tram ride to the beach. Usually when me and my family go on holiday we stay in a All-inclusive hotel, however this time because there are a lot more since my sisters boyfriend Dave, my uncle Graham and my cousin Elise who i also one of my best friends are coming we would need to book a lot of rooms which would of became very expensive so we found a cheaper deal with our new accommodation which we all prefer since we do not use all the facilities in hotels like watching the hotel and joining clubs. Also my family and I go out for  Food a few of the nights so it we would not of profited off the All-inclusive privileges.

On this trip i will be packing very light since there is a washing machine there so my clothes can be washed there. although i will want a new top for each night i will not need to take multiple pairs of swimming trunks and shorts, helping my suitcase be lighter which is always a bonus!
i will be taking 7 night time tops on my Holiday which i will mostly buy from ASOS or from the tops which i already have. ASOS is a great place to buy good quality and cheap clothes which get delivered very quick. unless i go out shopping i will always purchase my clothes from ASOS. Also i will be taking 4 pairs of shorts and 3 pairs of trainers. i will be taking 2 pair of Jordan Eclipse and one pair of Adidas Supper stars. Also i will be taking my Back pack which i got from Zara Man which i will put all of my essential items for the day in.
moving on from clothes i will be taking my iPhone and iPad with me to take pictures, videos, check social medias and listen and play music from my Apple Music. Another key item i cant live and travel with out is my Baiter Portable Charger which charges both my iPhone and iPad up to 200% charge which come in handy when you go on day trips, long flight and if you are sitting on the beach or around the pool and cant get easy access to a socket to plug in you phone.
another thing which is a must is my Apple head phones. these are only small but can help me so much when i am on the plane, a long car journey or jsut sitting around relaxing.

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Stay Motivated and Safe Travels

-Jamie Maycock

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