Things to do in Birmingham

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

I have lived in Birmingham in the UK my whole life and have been able to experience many amazing things whilst i have lived here. Growing up most of the things i experienced where local things around my home, luckily i lived opposite a massive field were i would go and build dens and tree houses and play football with my neighbors and friends. As i got older Started to experience more things which i will remember forever.

There are many things to do in Birmingham. Monday the 26th of July 2016 me and my friend Darriyan went to Birmingham City Center to take some pictures of the different things that you can do there.

The Bull is well a bull. It is oddly popular and there is always people taking photos with it and trying to climb on it. I do not know any of the history behind it but it is one of the most know things in the city center, and a massive tourist attraction

Grand central station is a new addition to Birmingham, It was built recently and the Queen herself came down on the opening day. It has a lot of shops and places to eat and it really nice . Grand central station is very open and is very easy to find your way around ad has many helpful people so if you are lost or need to know when and where your train is you will be able to quickly and easily find it

The Bull Ring is a massive shopping center with many different shops and restaurants to go and look at and get stuff from. My favorite part about the Bull ring is the design of it on the out side. It has these oddly satisfying silver balls all around the outside and i feel it is creative and amazing. The Bull ring is one of my favoirte places to shop since it has so many different types of stores.

The library of Birmingham is a new amazing feature we have gained. It cost £188.8 million, it is amazing and gives people a new easy way to access resources that they may not of been able to get before, helping them with their education. On one of the floors there is a balcony where you can view the city centre and much more. there is a small little garden on the top and it is very nice in the summer to go outside and read and work rather then being stuck inside.

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