Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Today we decided we did not want to go out and do a lot, so we invited my family over to our villa for a pool party. We spent most of the day chilling by the pool, listening to music and teaching the little ones how to swim. We took a lot of action shots jumping in to the pool and shimming under water in my GoPro camera. In the afternoon we ran out of bread and beer so my dad, cousin and I ran to the local shop to grab some stuff and get ready for the bbq later on the night.

On the night we set up the bbq ready to cook our food... However, it decided not to light so we had to cook the food over the cooker then put them on the bbq for effect. Once we had all eaten we started playing Cards Against Humanity which lasted a long time. Whilst we where all playing that my two younger cousins started collecting snails and when we looked down by the pool the had a army of snails. Once we finished Cards Against Humanity we all went in to the living room and watched some to just before everyone went to bed.

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