Wednesday, 10 August 2016


On Wednesday we spent the day in the pool with the whole family, playing games and teaching the younger ones how to swim. We sat by the pool listening to music and playing games.
On the night we went for a meal and then went to the shops where some magic stuff happened. We where all just looking in the shops and I found some stones and crystals. Now I am going to sound stupid but this Is honestly what happened. So when I was in the shop I was looking a the different stones and crystals and when I was holding an amethyst stone I was telling my cousin how I could feel some kind of power rushing up my arm. I tried it with all of the other stones and o felt nothing. Then as I left th shop and was walking i felt some rope on my hand and as I pulled it this necklace just appeared in my hands. The pendant on the necklace was something that I have not seen before and when I asked what it meant i was told it meant instinct and heart. At first I never thought anything of it but en when I was speaking to a man about amethyst I was told it stood for intuition and power. I most likely was over thinking it all but I still think it is strange and fell it all has to have a meaning since every thing was fitting in together so well... in my mind. After this happened we went back home and all went to bed.

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