Thursday, 11 August 2016


My Nan had been telling us about this amazing village surrounded by castle walls which people live in. She was telling us about a festival they do every year where the people of the village dress up and create shows related to the history of their village and the castle. The festival did not start until 5 in the after noon so we had plenty of time to kill throughout the day so we decided to walk the walls of the castle.
It took us around 45 minutes walking on a small path with people coming from all directions. As where all walking around the view of the village was amazing and each angle had its own beautiful take and view of the village, being able to see all the different people and how they live in a packed town. When we got to the end of the wall we went to find a seat to eat. We also found a drink called ginja where you take a shot of this delicious berry liquor and then eat the chocolate glass it came in. It taste just like a Black Forest gateau with a small kick to it.

Once the festival started we started the walk down the side of the castle where we found small stalls where they sold different clothes, toys, food and object wouldn't ever find anywhere else. As we got past all the tents, bow and arrow targets and torture equipment we found this small stand where there was trees made from wire and different stones. I got a amethyst stone tree which meant Spirituality, Intuition and Peace. As we carried on walking up the show really started to kick in. There where people running around with giant red balls, camels, donkeys, swords and so much more. Mist of the time I thought I was in Game Of Thrones... Just a happier version of it. My dad traded in some money and got these medievel coins which he could actually use in Obidos as currency. There where a lot more different stalls selling medieval things, one of the did henna tattoos which my cousins loved and also some of the food stalls had a whole pig on spit roast. The festival was amazing but sadly because of my taxi having to arrive early due to another booking they had we had to leave early but we could have spent the day there.

Since we never got back till late on the night and we where all tired we got a take out pizza and headed back to the house where we all sat and ate the pizza until we all go too tired we fall asleep

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