Las Vegas

Monday, 22 August 2016

If any of you have been to Las Vegas then you will know how amazing it is. Before I went there I thought that it would be boring since I was underage, meaning I would not be able to gamble, drink and go into some places. I thought I would be stuck in my hotel room with my sister whilst my family had fun. However, this was not the case!  Las Vegas is home to so many amazing places. The Vegas strip is by far the most mesmerizing thing I have ever seen. When you are walking down it feels like you are walking through different countries. This is because each hotel is themed after something different and has thing's there to help make you feel like you on in that country. They have things such as pyramid's, castle's, canal's and so much more.
During our visit, we went to see the Grand canyon, which was amazing. The view is unreal. And I felt like I was looking at a painting on the wall. There was no way this could be real.
Whilst we were in Vegas we also went to see Penn and Tellers show, which I must say was, well magical. The show was well put together, exciting and fun. They used the audience which helped make the magic seem more real. They did some amazing tricks which I still can not get my head around.
Vegas will always have a special place in my heart and I can not wait to visit again in May

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