Monday, 1 August 2016

On Sunday 31st of July my family and I set off to Portugal. We flew from Birmingham airport and into Lisbon airport. The flight was 2 hours 30 minutes long but it felt so much quicker, this might of been because I am use to long haul flights.

When we arrived in Portugal we quickly got off the plane and made our way to collect our bags. After that we walked out of the collection area and into the entrance where people and companies greet the new arrivals asking if they need any travel services. We found our taxi driver who was pre booked and waited for his other client who was going with his wife. Whilst we waited we played a game of coins to pass time.

Staying in a villa was a first for me. However it was definitely the best option for us and the villa is amazing. When we first got here we had trouble opening the front gate since we thought we needed to unlock it with the key. However, there was a hidden latch which we needed to pull to help us open it. Inside the villa looked really nice, and there was so much space which was needed for the seven off us.

We settled into the house and went out with some other members of my family who where already here in my Nans house. My Nan took us to a area which had a lot of different restaurants and also a great view to one of the beaches. After we had a look around we went for some food and then went back to my Nans house where we couldn't resist jumping into her jacuzzi. We later returned to our villa and all went to bed.... Apart from one person who was making cereals at 1AM! 

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-Jamie Maycock

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