The 5 Favorite Places I Have Been

Friday, 19 August 2016

During my life, i have been able to travel to many different countries around the world, but some of them were better than others.

I think  that New York will always be my favorite place in the world. i love the fast pace and the amazing views. there is so much culture and history in the city which is the reason i love it so much. I myself love moving at a fast pace taking everything it all at once, which i feel in new York you need to do otherwise you are pushed and shoved all over the place. In New York everywhere you go there is something or someone different. There are people there who you would never think of speaking to at home but you find out they are amazing and nice people and you have so much in common even if you live half way around the world, have different jobs or are of different ages. There is always something that brings you together and i feel like New York is one of the best places to do so. New York also has some amazing sites to visit which i would view countless times since every day something about it changes and its like you have never seen it before. The best example of this is The Empire State building.

My trip to Spain is one of my favorite trips i have ever taken. Its not like the rest where I have been able to explore culture and history. But i have been able to make some amazing memory's that i will remember forever. When I was 14 I went on a school trip with my school to Spain. Now if you would ask me about the trip I wouldn't remember where i went, where i visited nor what i learnt. However, I would have memory's which would make me laugh and smile. This is because I went on holiday with some of my best friends and we made so many memory's together since we where all living in the moment. When we was there we visited water park's and beach's. We went on boats, traveled for hours to get to different amazing places and we where loving every moment of it. when we came back we would speak about everything that happened and even now three years later we remember everything that happened and still laugh at the jokes and thoughts of the trip. Although on this trip I had a different view on traveling, I enjoyed it and thought of it as a privileged since I was able to go on an amazing holiday with all of my friends knowing that this was something I may not be able to experience with close friends like them again.
(I know this picture is bad quality but it is the only good one I really have)

Mexico was a truly beautiful place and has a massive place in my heart. Again Mexico was a different holiday with a different meaning. This was because my parents where getting married! My Mom and Dad had always loved traveling just like me and did not want a traditional church wedding. So why not go abroad for their wedding?
On the 9th of August 2010, me and my family flew to Mexico. We stayed there for a week before the wedding, then finally on the 16th of August 2010 my parents got married and had an amazing wedding at the hotel we were staying at. They got married in one of the hotel's gardens and it was amazing. The wedding and the holiday where both amazing and I have made so many amazing memory's and this is why it is one of my favorite holidays.

If any of you have been to Las Vegas then you will know how amazing it is. Before i went there i thought that it would be boring since i was underage to gamble, drink and go into some places. I thought i would be stuck in my hotel room with my sister whilst my family had fun. However this was not the case! If anyone is thinking of taking their young children do it. There are so many amazing places to go and so much for them to see. Las Vegas is home to so many amazing places. The Vegas strip is by far the most mesmerizing thing i have ever seen. When you are walking down it feels like you are walking though countries. Each hotel is themed after something and have stuff there to help make yo feel like you on in that country. The hotels and views are amazing and i can not wait to go back in May 2017

 Finally on my list is Portugal. This was my first time staying in and the villa and also staying in a residential area rather then a tourist area and it was amazing. It felt so good seeing how people really live in different places around the world rather and how they act in everyday life. When I was there I was able to visit some amazing places and see amazing things. But my favorite part was how free I felt. When i stay in hotels i feel like i need to take advantage of the pool, food and facilities where as in a villa it feels like you are home, You can wake up and go to bed whenever, eat whenever and do what ever you want since theirs no-one to tell you no or people to watch or judge you. I loved this holiday and it has made me so much more motivated to pursue my dream of traveling.

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